Lyrics Grabber

Allows users to view lyrics of songs on their device


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  • Category Other Tools
  • License Free
  • Version 1.0.9
  • Size 53 KB
  • Works under Android
  • Package name com.kaamosmobile.lyrics
  • Author Kaamos

Lyrics Grabber is an app for those of us who like to sing along to our favorite songs but don't always know the correct words. This app is built around the simple concept that people want to learn the words to the songs they love to sing and gaining access to those lyrics should be easy and convenient.

The Lyrics Grabber app interacts with the music files you have already downloaded onto your Android phone or tablet and instantly displays them in a list format when you install and open the app. You must only choose the song you want to listen to and tap that selection on the list. The lyrics will appear on the screen so that you may follow along while the song plays on your device.

There are times when Lyrics Grabber may not recognize a song but this usually only happens when the version of the song on your device is different than the standard version that was released by the artist. If you find yourself in a situation where the app does not recognize the song you want to sing, simply tap the available browser button and search for the lyrics online. While this may be considered a nuisance by some, it is understandable that the app may not recognize an unusual version of a song.

All in all, Lyrics Grabber is a terrific option for anyone who wants to learn the words to the songs they love to sing. The app is functional despite having a less than elegant interface.


  • Provides users with lyrics to the songs on their devices.
  • App instantly recognizes music files that have been downloaded.


  • Interface is a tad clunky but functional.
  • App may not recognize unusual versions of even the most popular songs.